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LOR Media is a new kind of media agency. We are a “roll up your sleeve” senior group of marketing and media professionals that has one goal—drive revenue for our clients. We help companies generate incremental sales by implementing data-rich marketing campaigns in an omni-channel environment.

Our specialties include B2C, B2B & E-commerce marketing, lead generation, account-based marketing, content, messaging, conversion strategy, analytics and fostering sales opportunities.

Our campaign strategies, implementation and analytics focus on customer engagement and activation. In our short time in business, we are proud to be working with major healthcare companies to help them grow their brand, customer base and revenue. LOR’s ultimate business goal is to use our successful marketing and digital experience to build campaigns that drive results.

Our points of difference:

  • LOR Media is not tied to any one media vendor. We partner with the right media companies based on our clients’ marketing objectives. We have a proven record that utilizing media partners based on their expertise (in a specific field or channel) drives the best results.
  • We live by the 3 F’s: Fast, flawless, and fearless. Fast to respond, flawless in our implementation, and fearless to speak up.
  • We treat every dollar as our own and ensure that dollars are spent to ensure best possible results. We do these using analytics and optimizing performance.

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